General FAQ's

General FAQ’s and Policies 

How much of each inclusion do I need to send you? For breast milk pieces, we require 1/2 - 1oz of breast milk. Cremation ash, 1tsp. Lock of hair, ideally about 1in in length and the thickness of a pencil tip. Placenta, one dried capsule. Dried flower, a single flower usually will do. Wrap scrap, 2in by 1in rectangle. Fibers, as many or few that you would like to include. Fabric, 2in by 1in rectangle. Any remaining breast milk left after preservation will be banked with us.

How long will it take you to make my piece of jewelry? Our time from the day we receive your inclusions, until the day we print the shipping label will vary depending on how busy we are but currently preservation is approx 26 weeks (during the pandemic), and then we craft and set the keepsake which can take 4-8 weeks, but typically is done sooner (custom and handmade settings an additional 6-8 weeks).

What is the process for creating my custom piece of keepsake jewelry?  Once your order is received, we will email you within 24-48 hours with instructions on shipping your inclusion to us. We will update you once your inclusion is received (any milk received will begin preservation within 24hrs of receive date). We will begin the process to make your jewelry once inclusions are received and properly preserved. Once your order is finished we will update you again with any available tracking info for scheduled pick ups. . ****We are not responsible for the jewelry once it leaves our location or the time it takes to get to you.

Will my keepsake change color or turn yellow/brown? We have spent years perfecting our method and naturally preserve the breast milk and then every inclusion is set in resin. Our pieces have been thoroughly tested to withstand harsh wear and tear and won't change color or yellow/brown due to our process. We highly recommend you treat this jewelry like any other precious jewelry. There is a chance the resin can discolor if not properly taken care of. No harsh chemicals, keep it out of tanning beds, and do not store in direct sunlight. We also recommend not wearing your jewelry in the shower or bath to extend the longevity and life of your precious jewelry.  Keep in mind for breast milk inclusions, the color can naturally be golden yellows, to light cream, whites, and even blue, green, and pink tints. 

What happens if my jewelry breaks? All our jewelry is custom and hand made. Even still, it is on rare occasion that a piece may break due to an error on our end. If this happens, we will work together to come up with a solution. Please contact us directly. We advise you to keep your jewelry away from your children. Don't allow them to pull, tug, or chew on your jewelry. 

What happens if I don't like my jewelry or want to cancel my order? You will have 24 hours from the time the order is placed to cancel your order. Each order is essentially a custom order and we set aside time to make each piece. We will not offer refunds for any order cancelled after 24 hours. We can offer a store credit or gift voucher.  Each piece of jewelry is hand made and supplies are ordered at time of purchase to create your one of a kind keepsake.

Please understand they are not machine made to absolute perfection. We take pride and put love and time into each individual piece of jewelry. If you do not like something you ordered, please contact us directly so we can discuss any concern. We won't refund a piece because you don't like the design you chose. 

How do I know my inclusion will be in my piece of keepsake jewelry? We have a very organized ordering-processing-shipping system combine with name and unique order number tagging. After you order, you will have a unique order number given to you. You will label your milk storage bag accordingly with name and order number. That order number/name will remain with your inclusion/jewelry until the moment it is shipped back to you. 

How do I ship my milk and other inclusions? Do I have to keep the milk frozen or cold? You can use use frozen milk (even milk that is years old) or milk that is fresh. We will naturally preserve the milk, so there is no need to keep it frozen or chilled during shipment. We will have you double bag your milk in appropriate milk storage bags, and then ship to us priority mail in lined poly mailer. Other inclusions can simply be marked accordingly in a bag with order number\name and shipped priority in poly mailer. 

What happens if I just have enough of the required inclusion or not enough to make a piece of jewelry? Though it is much easier to get the best result with the amounts we ask for, we can make the keepsake with whatever amount of inclusion you can send us. We please ask that if it is the very last of any inclusion you have and are unable to obtain more to not send it all to us. We would rather have a little less than the required amount to work with, then risk the last of your inclusions getting lost in the mail or having to use it all in the keepsake. 

Will my breast milk jewelry have the identical color to the photos I see on your website? Due to the wonderful makeup and nature of breast milk and other inclusions, not every piece will be the exact same color. Breast milk can range in colors from golden yellows, to creamy whites, to snow white to even blue, green, and red/pink tints. 

Can I add color, flecks, or glitter to my inclusions? Yes! Each piece of jewelry can be left in its natural color/texture or can have color, mica flakes, or glitter added to them. 

Can I combine multiple inclusions for one piece of jewelry? In most cases,Yes! You can combine almost any inclusion for a single or multiple pieces. Please message us directly to discuss.

Do you make custom pieces? Each piece of our jewelry is essentially a custom piece because we are only working with your own inclusions. We do allow 6 “custom” design spaces each month. Working directly with you designing the setting and style of a piece we currently may not have listed. These pieces on average will cost $20-$40 more than a traditional piece (this is additional to the cost of the setting). 

I live local to you, can I do local pick up and drop offs at your home office? Due to the safety of my customers and my family we can't accept local pick ups and drop offs. We can meet up, but we still charge the shipping fee as we have to schedule time out of our schedule for any meet ups.


****** By placing your keepsake order you agree to the Terms and Conditions and Policies by our company 

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